Best Applications for Gaskets

Gaskets have become one of the most widely used categories of parts used in industry. From the automotive industry to medical applications as well as aerospace, oil and gas, HVAC and appliance manufacturers all take advantage of what gaskets have to offer. There are certain situations, though, where today’s gaskets really do their best work to provide support to parts.

For sensitive equipment, environmental seals can be critical. These gaskets are used to prevent dust, pollen, particles and other microscopic organisms from intruding on parts that simply would stop working if they were exposed. Commonly used in electrical enclosures, these environmental seals can be either small or large, depending on the needs of the application. These gaskets ensure that the equipment working inside the environmental seal is kept at high level of operation.

Liquid seals are another commonly used gasket. These carefully designed gaskets prevent water or other liquids from either entering an area or keep it cordoned off from leaking into another area. An example of this would be in an engine where gas and oil are exposed in the piston area. It needs to be contained in order to prevent damage to other areas of the engine. Pressurized areas such as brakes and the transmission of a vehicle also use liquid seals. Generally, these gaskets are made from viton or nitrile, which can withstand exposure to fuel, oil and solvents.

For applications where minimizing vibration is critical, there are a wide variety of anti-vibration seals that can decrease this problem. Used widely in the marine and aerospace industry, these anti-vibration gaskets can reduce the amount of vibration in engine compartments and help to prevent damage to nearby structures or moving parts. You will find anti-vibration gaskets in pipe supports, structural bearings and machinery mountings.

Some of the newest gaskets are being used to protect technology from shock, environmental damage and liquids. These multi-purpose gaskets can be installed in computer hardware or on technology mounts in manufacturing facilities.

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