Choose Neoprene for Your Next Gasket Project

Neoprene is a versatile option for gasket projects and designs that has a wide variety of benefits for end users including both consumers and business-to-business processes. Would you like to know more about neoprene and how it can work for your next project? Read on for details on the benefits of using this material for a gasket application.

Neoprene was invented in the 1930’s and quickly gained popularity in a wide variety of environments and applications. Currently, neoprene is widely used for consumers in the form of orthopedic braces for joint health, such as knee and ankle stability and laptop sleeves. Manufacturing applications include electrical insulation, automotive fan belts and liquid and sheet elastomeric membranes and flashing used in the construction industry as roofing materials.

Created as a synthetic rubber, neoprene is formed by the polymerization of chloroprene. Due to the fact that neoprene is made from polychloroprene, users have discovered that it reacts favorably to a wide variety of temperature changes. Additionally, the properties of neoprene have been shown to have high tensile strength, a resistance to oils, flame resistance, chemical stability and will remain elastic in profile when there is variability in temperatures. Additionally, neoprene has been shown to resist breakdown from UV rays, ozone levels and temperature and has a good level of flame resistance when exposed directly.

Since neoprene is formed by polymerizing 2-chlorobutadiene, caution is needed when producing it. This liquid is colorless, quite toxic and is very flammable. During the process, experts turn chloroprene into neoprene through emulsion polymerization. The liquid is emulsified in water and then free-radical initiators polymerize the material, making neoprene.

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