Choose the Best Materials for Your Gasket Project

When you are considering starting a new gasket project, choosing the best materials is critical to ensuring that your application needs are met. With the wide range of materials available on the market, you will have plenty of choices. Here are just a few options to think about when evaluating which materials are ideal for your specific circumstances:

  • PTFE-based materials for challenging environments. If your finished gaskets will be exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged period of time, then a PTFE-based material might be your best solution. In fact, this resilient compound can even handle temperatures up to 600 degrees as well as the presence of aggressive chemicals.
  • Carbon and Graphite gasket materials. These materials are best for the highest temperature environments – up to 5000 degrees – as well as situations where corrosive or dangerous chemicals are present. These types of gaskets are ideal for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications.
  • Non-Asbestos materials can be used where gentle chemicals are present. In applications where the temperatures during use don’t pass 850 degrees and where there are no corrosive chemicals, a non-asbestos material may be the best for your gasket.
  • Metals for gaskets. Metal use in gaskets is widely accepted where temperatures don’t exceed 2000 degrees. The benefit of metals is that they can take on high pressures during use as well as exposure to chemicals and chemical blends without damage.

When you are ready to discuss your gasket material needs, call Gasko for specialized assistance. You can speak with one of our engineering staff on your specifications and learn more about our rapid prototyping service. We can help you choose the right material for your design and your budget. Call today!