Choosing the Best Materials for Gaskets

Rubber GasketsIf you are working on designing a new gasket, then choosing just the right material for the manufacturing process is critical.

While there are a wide variety of rubber, plastic and metal materials that can be used for creating a gasket, ensuring that you are using the right one will determine the success and performance of your gasket over time.

Gaskets are generally used to seal the area between two different types of parts. These sealing parts can be produced as a ring or a sheet and can prevent gas or liquids from escaping between two stationary parts. When you are choosing your gasket material, understanding the use of the parts will determine the types of materials that will work the best.

Gaskets can be formed from materials such as metals, plastics, natural or artificial cork, composites and plastics. There are now technologies that allow for foam gaskets to be sprayed directly onto a metal part, eliminating the need for complex attachments or installations. Finding the best part means looking carefully at the specifications of the project before deciding what to use.

One thing to take into consideration when choosing a material for your next gasket project is the amount of pressure the gasket will be under during use. There are certain rubbers that work better under pressure than others and metal is always an option. Taking into account electrical charges nearby or running through the parts as well as electromagnetic forces are also important. Having a flexible material can help parts to seal better.

During the manufacturing process, gaskets can be developed to be jacketed, spiral wound, double-jacketed, and Kammprofiled. Choosing just the right manufacturing process is determined by the overall design and the specifications of the project.

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