Common Gasket Varieties

For people who are new to the gasket manufacturing industry, understanding the basic types of gaskets can make understanding what type to use much easier.While there are many hybrid varieties of gaskets, the most common gaskets come in four different types, which include spiral wound, solid, Kammprofiled and jacketed gaskets. Here is a brief description of each and how they can be used:

  • Spiral wound. Spiral wound gaskets are some of the most durable gaskets on the market. Comprised of metal as well as a soft rubber or plastic, these gaskets take on a wrapped shaped. Once the initial manufacturing is complete, these gaskets can be covered in more metal for additional heat and compression resistance. These gaskets offer high sealing abilities as well as flexibility and even deal with thermal issues and physical stress well over time.
  • When you hear an engineer talk about solid gaskets, they are usually referring to metal designs. Solid gaskets are an effective option when they are placed between two surfaces that have a higher resistance than the metal used in the gasket. They can be inexpensive to manufacture and can easily deal with the highest temperatures and pressures.
  • Kammprofiled gaskets start with a corrugated metal center that is then covered with a flexible sealing material. These types of gaskets can be repaired and can offer an organization cost savings instead of having to worry about replacement costs. Gaskets that are Kammprofiled feature flexibility while maintaining tensile strength when under pressure.
  • Jacketed gaskets offer the best of both worlds – the pressure capacity of a metal gasket with the flexibility found in a rubber or plastic gasket. Single jacket gaskets have one side that is metal and another that is rubber, which double jacketed gaskets have metal facing on both sides.

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