Create Custom Washers with Gasket Technology

Many customers don’t think of talking to a gasket company when they need washers designed and manufactured. In fact, washers are just small gaskets that can easily be cut using our die cutting and laser cutting technology. What do you need to know about your washer project? Here are just a few items to keep in mind when considering your washer needs:

  • Washers can be used in a wide variety of applications. While many clients only think of washers as being used in plumbing environments, in fact washers are used in virtually every industry that is currently serviced by the gasket industry. This includes construction, aviation and aerospace, automotive, medical, lawn and garden and consumer goods, such as furniture and appliances.
  • Shapes can be customized. The shape and size of your washer can be customized and there is no reason that you have to limit yourself to a circular interior. In fact, hexagonal interiors, star shapes or slots can be added to the center of a washer with ease.
  • We can create self-retaining washers. Self-retaining washers are parts that stay put under pressure. The way that we create these parts is by adding protrusions that can easily grip a screw to ensure that the washer does not move.
  • Washers can save your customers money. Instead of adapting your design to washers that are already available, use a custom washer to decrease your costs. You can use exactly the parts that you need instead of working your design around a washer that doesn’t fit correctly. This can be critical for an end users experience, especially for pre-assembled products.
  • Washers can be die cut or laser cut. Depending on the material chosen, we can either die cut or laser cut your washers. Rubber and comparable metals work well for laser cutting while metals benefit from die cutting processes.

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