Custom Gaskets Need Specific Materials

Industry Requires Specific Gasket Materials

Depending on the industry that you work in, you may have very specific requirements for the gaskets that will complement the other engineered components for your products. Knowing exactly which material to use can be complicated and can require some additional expertise. Here are some considerations when approaching a custom gasket manufacturing process:

  • What industry do you work in? Choosing the right materials for gaskets depends largely on what industry you work in and what you expect your gasket to do and how it needs to perform. Gaskets are used in everything from the oil industry to aerospace and military and can even include power tools, appliances, agriculture and farming, plumbing, HVAC, electronics, medical, marine, lawn and garden and automotive applications.
  • What products are available to manufacture gaskets from? If you are thinking about having a custom gasket made, then there are an untold number of options that can be used to meet your needs. These materials include Acetal, Delrin, PTFE, Epoxy Glass, Nylon MDS, HDPE/LDPE as well as Polypropylene and Canvas Phenolic. Each of these has specific properties that can be used to give your gasket the best performance for your specific situation.
  • Choose your materials based on performance, availability and cost. When you are choosing your gasket materials, take a close look at how they match up to your design needs for performance. For instance Nylon MDS has a high wear resistance and Vulcanized Fiber is ideal for the automotive industry. Add the nature of the material to availability and cost and you will be able to choose a material easily.

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