Gasket Manufacturers Lead in Rubber Grommets and Bushings

If you haven’t worked with a custom gasket company before, then you may not realize that there are a wide variety of projects that we can complete that aren’t traditional gaskets. In fact, gasket technology has advanced to the point where manufacturers are coming to gasket makers to create many parts. Some of these parts include rubber grommets and bushings. Here are just a few ways that these items are created and used in industry:

  • Custom grommets and bushings are ideal when you need an economical solution that simply isn’t available on the market. These parts can be manufactured in nearly any size or shape. Additionally, there are many materials that work well for grommets and bushings which will give you more options.

  • Rubber grommets are used for protection. In applications where protection between metal parts is critical, a rubber grommet can do the job. These are commonly used to protect wiring, pipes, rope, cable and hoses from damage while they are in use.

  • Rubber bushings function in a wide variety of applications. These functionally versatile parts can be used to insulate parts from extreme vibration, absorb shock and even resist friction and abrasion in sealed areas.

  • Rubber bushings and grommets are popular industry parts. If you are looking for bushings and grommets, then you can expect to see them in areas such as aerospace, communication gear, industrial uses as well as medical tools, such as laboratory machinery and healthcare equipment.

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