Gaskets Are the Ultimate in Versatile Parts

When people think of gaskets, they think of the most simple designs possible as those that have “gasket” as their name. Believe it or not, there is an entire industry that is devoted to gasket manufacturing and gasket design development that serves nearly every industry in the marketplace today. More parts than you could ever imagine are considered as part of the gasket family. Read on to hear more about the wide variety of parts available as a gasket and how they are used.

Bell jar gaskets are a common type of gasket that are used for a myriad of applications in many industries. These gaskets are used to seal Pyrex jars and can create a seal. These come in sizes that will fit literally any Pyrex jar currently on the market with dimensions from 0.5” to 1.0”.

Fluorosilicone gaskets are another type of gasket that is widely used. The benefit of fluorosilicone is that it does not react to petroleum products. It also can tolerate a wider range of temperatures, from the very cold to the very hot. These gaskets work in situations where oils, coolant chemicals and contact with fuel is possible, such as the automotive, marine or aviation industry.

While you may not think of rubber plugs, stoppers, caps and balls as gasket products, due to their function and manufacturing process, they are considered part of the gasket family. These items are widely used in the scientific, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries as part of lab equipment. Created from materials such as neoprene, silicone and EPDM, these items are indispensable in manufacturing as well as research and development situations.

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