Gaskets Widely Used in Industry

When you think of gaskets, you may think primarily of engines.

While gaskets are used heavily in the automotive industry, there are also many other uses for gaskets and their cutting-edge technology. Used to seal stationary parts together to prevent the leaking of gases or liquids, gaskets appear in many more industries than you may have expected. Here are just a few industries that take advantage of high tech gasket innovations:

  • Medical and healthcare. During your next trip to the hospital, you may not stop to think about it, but gaskets are widely used in medical equipment. IV machines, operating room equipment, dialysis machinery and even micro-devices like pacemakers all use gaskets.
  • Cars and trucks. As you may imagine, there are many vehicles that use gasket technology to keep them running. From head gaskets to gaskets used in suspension, there are a wide variety of applications for gaskets in every single automobile.
  • Each time you fly on a plane, you are experiencing how gasket technology works with engine power to get you where you would like to go. Heavily used in hydraulic systems as well as airplane engines, there are thousands of gaskets used on each airplane.
  • Lawn and garden machinery. When you pull the starter on your lawn mower, you may not stop to think about the gaskets that keep your mower running. Used to keep gasoline in the engine and prevent exhaust from leaking, gaskets help you to keep your yard looking great.
  • Appliance development. Washing your clothes or running your dishwasher means utilizing gaskets that keep their small motors operating efficiently. Gaskets keep parts in place and prevent leakage.

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