How Can Silicone Be Used in Gasket Manufacturing?

No matter how you choose to use your gaskets, you can be sure that the material they are constructed from will provide you with either the performance and durability that you need, or it will not. That is why choosing the right material is so critical. If you are looking for a substance that can provide long term wear and offers a good deal of durability, consider silicone options. Silicone is a versatile option for custom gasket designs. There are many reasons that using silicone for your next gasket project can make sense.

There are many, many materials available to use for gasket engineering. These can include everything from EDPM to urethane, neoprene and organic rubber products. However, silicone may just be the best option for your engineered design, depending on the requirements of the project.

For designs that need to meet UL 50E, IP64, IP66, IP67 or NEMA 4X standards may benefit from the inclusion of silicone. These standards are ones that need to be met for long term performance of components. The environment where these parts will be used means that they need to offer long term performance. Items such as LED lights, digital signs, Telecom enclosures and smart grid nodes are best constructed from silicone to ensure that they work for the long term. Gaskets created from these materials can prevent environmental occurrences, such as dust, rain, snow, humidity and changes in temperature from effecting the parts. While other materials, such as rubber materials from organic sources could be an option, they have been shown to degrade because of UV exposure, ozone levels, the time out in the field, and the changes in temperature from season to season.

If you do choose to use silicone for your next gasket project, you can be sure that it is a versatile choice. Silicone can be cut with water jets or die cut for larger runs of parts. The parts can be cut from silicone sheets or even injection molded with heated silicone products.

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