How to Choose Appropriate Materials for Gaskets

As experts in the gasket industry, we understand how gaskets function and in what environments they do best. When you are working on a gasket project, it is important to think through how your gaskets will be used, what they will be exposed to and how long you need them to last before having to be replaced or repaired. This means that you need to choose the most appropriate material for your gaskets. Doing so requires some experience and some information.

The first question to think through is your budget. While there may be a wide range of materials that will work for your particular application, finding the right one at the right cost is key. More common materials are more likely to have a lower cost as they are widely available. If you choose a material that simply isn’t as easy to acquire, you may have to pay a premium for using it.

Next, take the time to think about how gaskets are used in your industry and what materials have been shown to be successful. Today, gaskets are used in nearly every industry, including appliance manufacturing, agricultural applications, military uses, HVAC installations, marine engines, lawn and garden equipment and even miniscule gaskets used in medical devices. Research which materials are being used in your industry and the level of success that they are having.

Once you have done some industry research and have determined your budget, it is time to look at the benefits of each material for your gasket project. Today’s gaskets are made from a wide range of materials, including Acetal, Delrin, PTFE, Epoxy Glass, Nylon MDS, HDPE/LDPE as well as Polypropylene and Canvas Phenolic. When evaluating these materials, look carefully at the benefits of their performance in terms of ability to withstand pressure, temperature and the presence of corrosive chemicals and other factors.

In order to have the most successful gasket project, you need to understand your budget, your industry and the limits and benefits of materials that are available for your project. Need help sorting all of that out? Call Gasko today to speak with one of our engineering staff on your specifications and our rapid prototyping service. We can help you choose the right material for your design and your budget. Call today!