Laser Cutting or Die Cutting for Gaskets?

Trying to figure out the best way to cut your gaskets?

There are many options, but the most common is to either laser cut or die cut your parts. How do you choose the best route? While consulting with a gasket engineer about your project is always the most direct method, knowing a little bit about both of these methods can help in making your decision.

Laser cutting, though it sounds like a new technology, has actually be available since 1964. Using a carbon dioxide laser includes a beam of infrared light with a wavelength of 9.4 to 10.6 micrometers. This effective method is completed by installing a moveable track above the material that needs to be cut. During the cutting process, a very narrow beam separates the material from the shape that it needs to have as a finished process. While laser cutting using this type of machinery can be effective, it is best used on non-metallic materials. Laser cutting is ideal for projects that require a high level of precision. The equipment used is guided by computer software that ensures that the work finished is exactly to specifications. With this process, you can expect that there will not be any shearing effect on material cuts.

If you have metal based materials that need to be cut for gaskets, then lasers can still be used. In order to do so, a YAG laser is ideal. While it doesn’t work well for plastics, rubbers and wood-based materials, the YAG laser does work quickly and can be used in metallic applications.

The other option for cutting gaskets is using a die cutting machine. Die cutters are developed with the shape needed of the gasket and then used to press through the material to cut the gasket. Dies can be used for everything from rubber to metallic materials, making it more versatile than laser technology. Utilizing a hydraulic press will allow for large rolls of raw material to be cut at the same time, giving end users quick access to the materials they need for their project.

Should you choose die cutting or laser cutting? Call Gasko today to speak with one of our engineering staff on your specifications and which type of cutting will be best for your project.

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