Using Copper as a Gasket Material

Copper is a widely used metal in a variety of industrial applications.

What many people don’t know is that copper can be used for gasket technology. This material can be chosen depending on the application and the needs of the particular project. Experts have identified the best applications for copper and how it should be used in gasket manufacturing.

Copper gaskets go through a unique process that is not the same as rubber or silicone gasket formation. While rubber or silicone gaskets can be formed using extrusion, cutting or can be sprayed right onto adjoining parts, copper gaskets are created through a process of stamping. The use of a stamping press can provide for precise production of copper gaskets.

During the cutting process, a die is used to provide the correct shape for the final gasket. Before production begins, engineers use a large block of metal with the shape of the finalized gasket formed into it. The stamping machine holds one piece of metal on the base while the die is used above. Copper is pushed through the machine and the die is pressed into the metal, creating the gasket. Copper used for gaskets can be purchased in either sheets or rolls. The form that it comes in depends on how much is needed and the final size of the gaskets being manufactured.

Copper has properties that make it an excellent choice for gasket applications. Widely used in engines, copper gaskets are not only heat tolerant but are very good at conducting electricity. This can actually help engines to work more efficiently as there is no dampening effect. Copper is also a soft metal, so it can be molded easily. It does not corrode and does not react to the presence of water.

Finding just the right material for your next gasket project can be a challenge. It is one that the experts at Gasko can help you achieve. Call us today to speak to one of our expert gasket engineers about using copper for your next gasket project. We offer a wide variety of processing methods and on-site materials to suit your needs, specifications, time line and budget. Call us today!