Automotive Gasket Materials Respond to High Heat Components

Gasket manufacturers are constantly in search of ways to seal fluids and other materials in high heat situations. New materials have recently come on the market that can help gasket makers in the automotive, lawn and garden, medical and industrial fields to respond to the changes in technology. Here are just a few ways that the latest solid core gasket materials can make a real difference for your business:

Solid core options work well for fluids. In environments where the high strength of a composite material would be the best fit, but manufacturers are looking for a different option that can accommodate technical needs and cost, solid cores are the newest solution. Made from a flexible cured adhesive combined with electrolytic tin plated low carbon steel, these solid core gaskets offer a way to combine strength as well as temperature requirements.

Gaskets for narrow cross sections or small flanges. Solid core gaskets also work well for technical specifications that show low flange loading or narrow cross sections. Solid core gaskets made from non-asbestos fiber and flexible graphite can offer options for these applications.

High temperature needs can be met with a perforated stainless steel core. These stainless steel core-based gaskets perform in environments where vibration, high heat and scrubbing is an issue. The stainless steel also has the ability to last over a long period of time and can maintain recovery and load retention while sealing parts effectively.

Solid cores work with many fluids. With the advantage of flexibility, solid core gaskets perform in environments where the materials are exposed to coolants, steam, water, oils and fuels. These gaskets are ideal for manifold gaskets and turbochargers.

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