Automotive Gaskets Improve Vehicle Performance

Most people know that gaskets play a pivotal role in the operation of any of today’s cars. What you may not know; however, is that changes in gasket engineering and improved materials have made significant in-roads in vehicle performance. In many cases, the frequent roadside breakdowns of the past are now history because of improvements in gasket technology.

Compression has always been at the forefront of gasket design. While gaskets used even thirty years ago in cars could result in blue or white smoke coming out of the car from burning oil orAutomotive-Gaskets coolant, today’s gaskets simply don’t have that weakness. Older gaskets were frequently created from asbestos or graphite, which manufacturers now know are prone to failure. Silicone rubber is now one of the most widely used materials for vehicle gaskets because it is flexible and stays so under pressure, when used in high temperature situations and when exposed to a variety of automotive chemicals.

Changes in design have also improved automotive gaskets and their ability to withstand compression. By adding inner and outer rings, gaskets now can last longer in a car. Inner compression rings is directly related to the amount of flange compression available and outer guiding rings makes installing gaskets much easier and does have a positive effect on compression.

One of newest developments in gasket manufacturing has been the creation of high-performance compression gaskets molded right onto automotive parts. Due to the fact that they are attached directly to parts, there is less of a risk of the gasket slipping during compression. This liquid gasket material is poured onto the metal part and then cured with an ultraviolet light, which hardens it within a few seconds. Materials costs are decreased by using these and liquid sealants and can easily stick to nearly any plastic or metal surface, making them idea for automotive use.

The benefit of the newest development in automotive gaskets is that they continue to reduce costs for manufacturers and increase the longevity and performance of the myriad of gaskets used in vehicles.

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