Automotive Gaskets Improved with Molded Rubber

Automotive GasketsFor companies that are looking for the newest innovations in the automotive gasket design industry, new materials can make all of the difference. One of the newest materials to be used in the gasket industry is liquid silicone rubber. A durable, cost effective option, many automotive companies are now taking a closer look at this new technology.

Known for the ability to resist both extreme cold temperatures and extreme heat, a liquid silicone compound can now be added as a component part to many automotive gaskets. Even when used in a permanent pressure environment, the liquid silicone rubber has been shown to continue to have a low compression set.

The benefit to using liquid silicone rubber is that it can be both injection molded into gasket parts or can even be formed right on the part itself to create a permanent bond. Ideal for cooling system parts and radiators, the development of liquid silicone rubber is revolutionizing the automotive industry.

The reason that the liquid silicone rubber is so effective for the automotive industry is that it is a durable option for gasket materials. While other materials may tend to break down with changes in temperature and varying or constant pressure, liquid silicone rubber simply remains constant in its properties. Even when tested at high temperatures for 1000 hours, the gaskets made from liquid silicone rubber had very little permanent damage.

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