Gaskets Critical in HVAC Manufacturing Processes

Today’s HVAC units are created with efficiency in mind. Having gasket technology that is specifically designed for use in the HVAC industry helps to ensure that energy efficiency is held as a high priority. Making the best use of HVAC gasket technology is what helps to make these units more and more efficient over time, which is important when considering energy savings to the consumer and the cost they will experience in running these units. Here are just a few ways that new gasket technology is assisting in advancing the development of modern HVAC units and HVAC gaskets:

  • Consider the ability of a gasket to seal and compress. For cutting-edge HVAC units, having HVAC gaskets that are able to take on additional sealing and compression loads is an important focus. When gaskets don’t correctly seal or don’t adapt to the pressures in a new HVAC system, it can lead to issues with efficiency and even system failure. New gaskets are being developed that can adapt to the needs of the most advanced HVAC system technology.
  • Gaskets can provide insulating capabilities. In many areas of an HVAC unit, the gaskets do more than just provide a transition from one area to another. In fact, these HVAC gaskets can be used as insulation in an assembly housing. Knowing that energy and heat isn’t leaking out of the unit can protect the unit as well as provide additional levels of efficiency when running it.
  • Today’s newest HVAC gaskets and HVAC gasket materials can respond to flammability and operating temperature needs. Having gaskets that can protect the consumer and the technician by working correctly in flammable and high-heat areas is an important way that gaskets contribute to the development of today’s newest HVAC technology.

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