Infrared Film Splicer Improves Industrial Gasket Quality

Improving the performance of industrial gaskets is a focus of every gasket company and development firm.  With technology constantly evolving, the gasket industry is always developing, testing and implementing new production methods that can improve industrial gasket quality.  New infrared film splicers are just one of the newest technologies that can upgrade industrial gaskets.  Here are just a few facts about this new equipment:

· Infrared film splicing technology is ideal for industrial applications.  This technology can be used for everything from thermal and acoustic insulation, to specialty seals and even vibration dampening products.  With a wide variety of applications, this new manufacturing process provides depth to gasket manufacturers.

· Infrared film splicing offers higher quality gaskets.  Unlike older versions of technology, the new infrared film splicers can create larger gaskets that have stronger bonds within them.  The new process also provides for more precise alignments without the concern of film liner degradation.

· Infrared film splicing saves gasket manufacturers money.  Because the process of using an infrared film splicer includes heating the complete surface of the product, it takes less energy to produce quality gaskets.  This decrease in energy use and time saves manufacturers money.

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