New Developments in Industrial Gaskets

Researchers are constantly looking for new ways to improve gasket technology. This not only means looking for new design and manufacturing options, but also leads engineers to investigate using alternative materials in order to increase a gasket’s usability and individual characteristics.

One of the newest gaskets developed is an industrial gasket developed in sheet form by laminating expanded graphite sheets, composite clay and polyimide. This gasket is ideal for industrial use because of the properties of the graphite, clay and polyimide. When the gasket is manufactured, the composite films seal the small spaces that are present in graphite sheets, which allows for the better ability to seal without having to include any metal products in the gasket. This new gasket design has a much better leak resistance that has been proven in scientific testing.

This multilayered gasket design is ideal for industrial uses, particularly in the chemical industry, where fluid and gas leakage is not desirable. In the past, asbestos gaskets were the best solution for high temperature environments. However, with the restrictions on asbestos usage, the use of graphite has become more prevalent. The originally designed gaskets utilizing graphite did have some significant problems, including a low level of ability to seal, graphite powder loss during use and burn-in. In order to fix this problem, engineers used vermiculite along with the graphite, formed into a sheet. Unfortunately, the combination of graphite and vermiculite did not achieve a satisfactory seal. The next iteration of these graphite gaskets included a clay film that had a small amount of resin in it. While these gaskets were heat resistant, they required a metal frame in order to work correctly, and the addition of metal meant that they were not a good insulation against electricity.

Additional research and development is what has brought the new gasket to market. The multi-layered structure constructed of composite films and expanded graphite sheets enable this sheet gasket to be used in a wide variety of temperature conditions.

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