New Flange Gasket Technology Benefits Oil and Gas Industry

New innovations in gasket technology are rapidly changing the way that major industries complete their everyday work. One of the newest developments in gaskets is the development of new flange rescue gaskets for the oil and gas industry. Here are just a few ways that this new type of gasket is helping professionals in that business:

  • What is the purpose? The purpose of the flange rescue gasket is to provide an easy way to repair corroded flange joints in oil and gas pipelines.
  • How does it work? The flange rescue gasket works by quickly conforming to the edges of the corroded area. Created from a combination of metal compounds along with Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), the flange rescue gaskets are easy to fit to a wide range of pipe sizes.
  • What are the benefits? Instead of facing a long process of having to try to machine a new flange for a corroded pipe, the flange rescue gasket allows for more cost effective repairs. In addition, having the option to use a flange rescue gasket means that complete flanges do not have to be replaced.
  • Does it save money? The short answer is yes. For companies who are involved in the gas and oil industry, the development of a flange rescue gasket means that there is less time, labor and material cost in repairing and maintaining oil and gas pipelines. This also means that there is less downtime for pipeline systems, increasing profitability.

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