New Gasket Technology Allows for Unique Mower Storage

Figuring out a way to store a small lawnmower with a bulky handle in a small space has been a major challenge to mower developers. Now, with new gasket technology, mowers can be stored upright without the risk of fuel leakage, allowing for small space storage for cramped garages and yards.

These new gaskets have been developed to specifically tackle the fuel leakage and damage issues that can cause damage to a mower’s engine if it isn’t stored properly. Gaskets have now been developed that completely seal off the motor, gas tank and fuel lines. These new gaskets mean that the mower can be stored upright instead of horizontally, allowing for a space saving orientation without risking expensive engine damage.

The addition of these innovative gaskets mean that the under-deck of a mower can be completely and thoroughly cleaned and inspected without gas or oil leaking all over the garage floor. Allowing for proper maintenance will extend the life of lawn and garden equipment as well.

The result of this new gasket technology means that a mower can now be stored in less than seventy percent of the space that it would have formerly taken up. With the ability to prevent engine damage, these new gaskets give homeowners with small garages the option to keep their space clean and organized more easily.

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