EMI Gaskets are Essential for Medical Devices

Gasko-DoctorMedicalIndustry-Nov14With technology increasing at a very fast pace, materials have to adapt quickly in order to protect the people that are using the devices. There is no industry where this is more critical than in the medical die cutting and gasket industry, where silicone gaskets and rubber flange gaskets are used in hospital devices. Here is some of the newest thinking about how EMI gaskets work for medical environments:

  • Fabricated products used in the medical industry have to be EMI sensitive. Electromagnetic interference can be a serious issue for the medical industry as there are frequently times that more than one electronic device is in the same room at the same time. The presence of more than one device can cause a malfunction, which can effect patient care standards. For this reason, using EMI shielding gaskets are now more commonly used than ever in the hospital environment.
  • Cleaning of medical devices necessitates the use of gasket technology. With concerns over sterilization and cleaning within the healthcare environment, the use of harsh cleaning formulas on die cut diaphragms is a relatively common practice. Knowing this, gasket manufacturers are now taking care with the materials they choose in order to protect the device against damage understanding that they will likely be cleaned on a frequent basis.
  • Elastomers make excellent EMI shielding gaskets. When considering the best type of materials for the medical industry, electrically conductive elastomers are the leading option. This material offers a conductive option for devices and still is able to provide protection from electromagnetic interference and seal devices in a way that will protect them during cleaning and sterilization procedures. These gaskets are generally placed between the cover of the device and the housing.

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