Why Choose EPDM for Wet Environments?

EPDM is a popular choice for many gasket applications. This material offers a flexible option that can be used in a wide variety of home improvement, food and beverage or industrial environments. One of the most challenging environments where EPDM offers a high level of performance is in wet environments. Here are just a few reasons that using EPDM in damp, moist or wet environments is a good choice for a gasket material:

  • EPDM functions well in environments that have water. One of the reasons that EPDM is chosen so frequently is that is simply does not deteriorate very easily. EPDM, or ethylene, propylene diene monomer, offers a naturally waterproof option for companies that need a material that is water resistant.
  • Why choose EPDM? Many times EPDM is recommended over natural rubber and other man made materials because EPDM offers a higher level of water resistance. This material is created from bonding together ethylene, propylene and diene into an elastomer that also responds as a polymer.
  • EPDM is flexible. The manufacturing process for EPDM guarantees that it retains flexibility which makes it ideal for atmospheres that have water involved. The flexibility that EPDM has means that it can easily stretch to fit a surface and then keep moisture out.
  • EPDM can be formed into a myriad of gasket shapes. Whether a long gasket for a car window is needed or a small O-ring gasket is needed in order to seal the joint between two pipes, EPDM can be formed to meet that design. EPDM is also an excellent choice for high temperature atmospheres such as industrial ovens or ones where there are chemicals present.

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