Custom Fabrication

Industrial Gasket ManufacturingIf you have found it difficult to find a custom fabrication provider that can meet all of your requirements in a timely manner, then consider Gasko for your custom fabrication needs.  At Gasko, custom fabrication is part of our daily business – a specialty in our line of services.

We have the technology and the expertise to take a wide variety of materials and convert them into gaskets.  And, our rapid prototyping services give each of our customers the opportunity to receive parts that are uniquely suited to their needs with the use of our cutting-edge die-less process, without the extensive time and cost of production tooling.

Our custom fabrication services include access to more than 1000 different types of materials, such as  coated fabrics for diaphragms, beater addition material for gasketing and sealing and EPDM, nitrile and rubber blends for industrial valve, pump and cylinder sealing applications.  Our ISO and TS certifications, maintained for over a decade, mean that you can feel confident that your custom parts will hold to even the tightest tolerances.

Do you have custom fabrication needs?  Do you work in the automotive, industrial, lawn and garden and medical markets?  If so, let the expert engineers at Gasko support your business with our attention to detail and economical fabrication services.

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