Gasko is an industry leader in gasket applications for a wide variety of markets using a myriad of different materials that are currently on-side or easily accessible to our technical teams. A leading gasket maker working in many different markets, we provide responsive service and technical expertise that cannot be matched.

What makes us different? At Gasko, we offer our clients agility and flexibility when responding to their gasket manufacturing needs. Not only can we can convert more than 1,000 different types of materials into gaskets for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, industrial, lawn and garden and medical markets, but we do so using our years of technical expertise and our ISO certified processes.

One material that we like to highlight as versatile option is our N-8090 gasket material. Offering an ideal solution for situations and applications that require oil resistance, N-8090 is comprised of a nitrile butadiene rubber binder. This binder is then combined with a latent cure and a strengthened cellulose fiber. When it is deployed as a gasket material, it not only resists oil, but provides a high level of sealing capacity.

When you are looking for a gasket provider that is as exacting as you are, consider Gasko. With our years of technical experience, wide access to materials and our rapid prototyping service, we will work to exceed your expectations. Contact us for more information on our gasket manufacturing capabilities and prototyping services. Our expert team will be happy to assist you with all of your gasket and sealing needs. Call us today at 330.239.1781