Material Conversion

A wide material variety to fit your product needs.

At Gasko, we have the technology to take a wide variety of materials and convert them into use for finished gaskets.  As the quality of the finished product is somewhat dependent on the quality of the raw materials, we only use the finest material options from leading manufacturers throughout the globe.

We utilize incoming inspection, rigorous in process testing of parts along with our state-of-the-art vision inspection system to insure all parts meet customer requirements.

Currently, Gasko converts over 1,000 different kinds of materials that include coated fabrics for diaphragms, beater addition material for gasketing and sealing and EPDM, nitrile and rubber blends for industrial valve, pump and cylinder sealing applications.

For the widest variety in materials converted in the industry, call Gasko today!  We have the expertise, access and capacity to help you to determine the best performing and most economical raw material for your gasket needs.

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