Foam Seals

Tired of Your Foam Seals Failing?

Isolated-Foam-sea-ImageThere is nothing more frustrating than when a critical sealing part in your product doesn’t work or doesn’t last the way that it should.  The experts at Gasko know that gasket design and manufacturing is a critical part of so many industries today – automotive, energy, medical, lawn and garden and industrial uses.  Here are just a few ways that Gasko ensures that your foam seals have a high level of success:

  • We take the time to understand the requirements of your individual product. Instead of simply offering you a gasket that might work, we learn about your application and offer the best solution for your sealing issue.
  • We have a wide variety of materials available. The team at Gasko has access to a wide variety of gasket materials, so you will have multiple choices when selecting your gasket materials from the most basic materials to complex composites.
  • We offer rapid prototyping. We want you to try our gasket before you complete your order.  We offer a rapid prototyping service so that you can get a sample gasket before we complete the full run.
  • We offer open and closed cell foams with a variety of attributes. Whether you are trying to limit vibration, prevent liquids from leaking or control temperatures we have materials such as PVC, rubber and open cell foams to meet your needs.

Don’t suffer through the frustration of your foam seals failing.  Call Gasko today and work with our professional staff to create a solution that will give you long term, reliable performance.  Call now!

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