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For the precise needs of the automotive market, Gasko offers a variety of automotive gasket products that can positively impact production cycles and overall profitability for any company working within the automotive manufacturing industry. For decades, we have supplied EGR, fuel pump, noise abatement and fuel line support gaskets, as well as many other gaskets to Tier 2 and Tier 3 manufacturing companies within the automotive market.


Gasko, with years of experience as an automotive gasket manufacturing,  is an ideal partner for automotive suppliers and manufacturers. With our TS and ISO quality certifications and familiarity with Just-In-Time and KANBAN manufacturing principles, our engineering and production staff can quickly address client needs and requests, as well as make changes to designs when needed. Our quick customer response times and access to a multitude of raw materials appropriate for automotive gasket applications allow us to offer our clients more than just excellent products.

Don’t trust your automotive needs to just any vehicle parts supplier. Gasko offers opportunities for automotive partners to quickly access the automotive gaskets and parts they need, enjoying a long term relationship with a reliable manufacturing and fabricating partner.  Contact us today!
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