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There is no industry that our engineering and production team takes more seriously than the work we do in the medical industry. With lives depending on the reliability of our products, we employ every standard to make sure that each part provided meets specifications.  We know that lives depend on it and have worked to incorporate the most up-to-date technology that allows us to provide silicone gaskets that meet your budget, timeline and specifications.

Over the last sixty years, we have seen many changes in the needs of medical device and equipment manufacturers and we have worked to respond to their evolving needs. During that time, we have manufactured silicone gaskets for blood filtration as well as silicone-based medical equipment used in the operating room.  We can provide exacting parts, next day prototypes and world-class service even without a clean room.

Silicone is an ideal material for the medical industry.  Known to retain its flexibility over time and with water-tight properties, silicone gasket designs are widely appreciated for their durability as well as their performance.  From large designs that are used in medical testing equipment such as MRIs and CAT scan machines to operating room equipment to the smallest silicone gaskets used in the sealing of implanted medical devices, you can be certain that our manufacturing process will be able to meet your needs.

If you are looking for reliable silicone medical gasket design and manufacturing services, a company that is steeped in a “can-do” attitude and has next day prototyping for silicone gaskets available, then contact us today! The engineering and production team at Gasko can handle your every need.


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