Interface Solution N-8090

N-8090 Offers Great Sealing Attributes


There are so many materials on the market for gaskets today that it can be confusing to choose just the right one.  At Gasko, we believe that N-8090, a gasket material that does not include any asbestos, is one of the best options for gasket applications, especially those in which oil is present and oil resistance is a critical part of the specifications for the project.

N-8090 and N-8090 sheet materials are ideal for situations that require oil resistance.  Made from a nitrile butadiene rubber binder that has a latent cure combined with a strengthened cellulose fiber, this material can withstand oily environments that are so prevalent in industries such as lawn and garden and automotive manufacturing.  In addition to its ability to resist degradation from oil, N-8090 gaskets have excellent sealing capabilities.

Here are some features of N-8090 to consider:

  • N-8090 gaskets offer a 1.28 density over eighty minutes.
  • Tensile strength for N-8090 sheet material is calculated at 13.79 psi.
  • Fluid resistance with IRM903 oil is 45% change in tensile strength and 30% change in thickness.
  • N-8090 gaskets utilize a nitrile butadiene binder type.

Does this material sound like it will work for your next application?  Call the experts at Gasko today for more information on N-8090 and other substances that can be used for your next gasket project.  Call now!

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