NBR Seals

Solve Sealing Problems with NBR Seals

Isolated Rubber Seal ImageEnvironmental regulations can make it extremely challenging to get your job done with the high level of standards that are required. The experts at Gasko understand that failed seals can be one of the most common areas where problems may occur. These can compromise your product and your business, especially if you work in the gas and oil industry.

Our NBR (nitrile) gaskets are designed to solve the sealing problems that you have been experiencing. Used commonly in areas where there are oil or petroleum products present, an NBR gasket is generally black in color and has a yellow spot to make it easy to identify. NBR gaskets – used as part of oil separators, gas separators and seen frequently at gas stations as part of the dispensing equipment – need to be durable and reliable to protect areas from spills and leaks.

The team at Gasko is ready to help you solve your NBR gasket issues. Our NBR seals offer a 300% elongation after fracturing and can withstand temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees Celsius. They are known to offer good wearability and are highly resistant to oil products, including mineral oil, vegetable oil, benzene and gas products as well as widely used diluted acids and alkalines.

Do you need a new supplier for your NBR gaskets? If so, look to Gasko to assist you. We offer custom gasket design and manufacturing that is focused on meeting your needs and specifications. We have a large warehouse of in-stock materials that allows us to respond to your order quickly.

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