Rubber Seals

Rubber Seals Offer Versatile Sealing Solutions

Does your new product need a way to reduce vibration? Are you frustrated that you are experiencing more noise in your final testing stages than you would like? These are some of the best reasons to talk to Gasko today about our wide range of rubber seal manufacturing capabilities. Here are just some of the reasons that rubber seals designed and manufactured by Gasko are just the right fit for your sealing issues:

  • The experts at Gasko have experience that you can rely upon. From the automotive industry to manufacturing to the marine and industrial uses, the engineers at Gasko have the unique ability to take care of your sealing needs. Rubber seals are just one of the ways that we can protect parts and keep fluids at bay.
  • We offer a wide variety of rubber materials. When you work with the team at Gasko, we will offer you multiple material options for your rubber seals. We offer EPDM and other rubber substances that can handle the needs of your project. Our warehouse has full access to many of the rubber products currently on the market, which means that if we don’t have what you need in stock, we can get it quickly.
  • Custom sizes and shapes are no problem. At Gasko, we have advanced technology that allows us to form virtually any size or shape of gasket that you might need. Whether you need co-extruded profiles, unique shapes such as triangles or lid seals in a specific size, you can count on us to meet your specifications. We even offer special surfaces such as ribbed and d-profiles.
  • Our rubber seals work to meet many needs. Rubber is a versatile product that can reduce noise, vibration and seal out sun and water. Known as a flexible material, our rubber seals are long wearing and designed to perform.

Call the experts at Gasko today to chat about your newest product and how our rubber seals can help you to achieve the performance you want. Call now!

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