Slitting Capabilities

Gasko Offers Custom Slitting for Gasket Projects

Gaskets-OrangeCompanies that need a high level of sealing performance often look to multiple material gasket solutions. In addition to die-cutting, the team at Gasko offers custom slitting services that can be used as part of our gasket manufacturing operations. These services can offer you the one-stop-shopping you need in order to get your gasket project done right the first time.

To make multi-layer, multi-materials gaskets, slitting is often needed to scale the material to the proper size before the gasket is finished. To respond to the needs of our customers better, we have optimized our slitting operations to allow us to provide layers of materials that start at a ¼” and can be customized incrementally from that starting place. We can slit a wide variety of compounds that either have adhesive present or are without adhesive backing.

How does this benefit your business? When you can receive all of the services you need for your finalized gasket in one location, it will save you time, money and frustration. Our slitting services mean that you can have multi-layered, multi-material gaskets created on our site, without having to send materials out to other specialists. We offer these slitting services on the newest, most technologically advanced systems.

Call Gasko today to talk to us about how we can use our slitting equipment to quickly respond to your gasket needs. Call now and speak to one of our gasket engineering team specialists about your project.

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